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    Welcome to the The Twinning of the Cities of Liverpool and Shanghai website

    This site has been set up in order to celebrate the cultural union of the two cities that was established in 1999, when they became International Sister Cities. As well as a proud tradition of dynamism and a pioneering spirit, both cities share physical characteristics such as an intimate connection to the sea.

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    The Twinning of the Cities of Liverpool and Shanghai

    The partnership was and is not just a cultural exchange, but also one that benefits business. If there is any aspect of the twinning of the cities of Liverpool and Shanghai that you would like to know more about but that we do not mention, please contact our team.

The Twinning of the Cities of Liverpool and Shanghai, News

Welcome to the The Twinning of the Cities of Liverpool and Shanghai website. The sister city initiative is one that promotes cultural and economic exchange and trade all over the world, and the partnerships it creates are of benefit to all involved. The twinning of Liverpool and Shanghai has been of great benefit to both cities.

Shanghai huang riverWorld Heritage Sites are deemed to be places of “outstanding universal value”. Liverpool won the heritage award because of its world-famous buildings, historic docks and cultural quarter, which houses the finest collection of civic buildings in the UK. The award was also based on Liverpool as a maritime mercantile city and reflected the city’s significance as a commercial port at the time of Britain’s greatest global influence.

A significant difference with the proposed Independents from previous Independents will be that it will not be a ‘catch all’ for any artists or groups to promote their work. The aim is to have a selected show, which inevitably means that some artists and exhibitions will not be selected for Independents.

Shanghai has long been China’s most international city. A glimpse at its bustling riverfront provides a quick primer on Shanghai’s role as China’s historic centre of commerce. The city is divided by the Huangpu River, a vital tributary of the Yangtze River and the conduit for billions of dollars in cargo that pass through the city’s ports.

Shanghai is one of the most dynamic, exciting cities in the world. It has a cosmopolitan feel, but that can be misleading. Although many Westerners are doing business here, they still must operate within the context of the Chinese culture.

If you are interested in either city or have any questions regarding the twinning of the cities of Liverpool and Shanghai, please don’t hesitate to drop us an email or give us a call.

CQG establishes point of presence in Shanghai
CQG, the order execution, charting, and analytics provider for electronically-traded securities, has announced that it has established a point-of-presence in Shanghai, connecting its network to mainland China.

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